Own a Practice That Provides You With

Personal, Professional & Financial Satisfaction

Meet Gary!

40 years ago, he set out with a vision...

“Make a difference in Dentistry”

Today, and 2200+ practices later, he’s a Practice Management Coach, with hands-on experience in owning & transforming dental practices, to one that helps you leave a legacy behind!

Gary Takacs

As a Dentist,

You simply can’t afford “not” to:

  • Love Life!
  • Love Dentistry!
  • Love those around you!
  • Leave a Legacy behind!

Remember that day, when you've just graduated dental school?

We all had a dream about owning a successful practice someday…

Let’s Bring That Dream Back Into Focus!

Dream big with the end in mind!

Don’t just build a "good" practice...

"Build a Thriving and Profitable Practice!"

We get it!
Developing a thriving practice can be overwhelming and frustrating. Gary knows this first-hand, owning a practice of his own, and having coached over 2200+ practices...

But it shouldn’t have to be so challenging!

That’s why Gary came up with the Personalized Coaching Support Program!

Gary loves helping dentists grow their ideal dental practice!


One of the oldest Dental Podcasts out there, with over 470 Episodes, listened to in over 184+ countries by 10,000+ dentists just like you!

Thriving Dentist Podcast


Monthly Webinars on the essential topics, sharing many insights, strategies & tips to help you develop the practice of your dreams!

RID.Academy Webinars

Upcoming Events

Designed to walk you through a variety of topics related to fundamentals found within the business side of dentistry, giving you the edge to move forward in making progress.

Thriving Dentist Events

Reduce Your Insurance Dependency & Attract Ideal Patients Who Know, Like & Trust You For The Care You Provide!

The first three steps to successfully dropping PPO Plans at your dental practice require you to assess how many patients, on average, are on your insurance plans and then attract ideal patients to replace them as you go out of network.

At Life Smiles, we spent less than 1.4% of our annual revenue on marketing to consistently attract over 90+ new patients through a Done-For-You Digital Marketing solution through Ekwa Marketing.

Ekwa has a special team that understands exactly how to work with you to help you reduce insurance dependence at your practice!

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Fast-Track Your Way towards A Thriving & Fulfilling Practice!

Personalized Coaching. For You, Your Team, and Your Practice!