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Episode 25

Improving Oral Health Globally with Dr. Dan Fischer

by Gary Takacs | May 30, 2012

TDS Logo 600X600Some companies understand that there’s a lot more to business than making a profit. Ultradent is one of those companies. For more than 30 years Ultradent has been innovating and creating quality products. They are a truly an international leader in producing quality dental products for Dentists throughout the world. We are absolutely thrilled to have the founder of Ultradent, Dr. Dan Fischer as our guest today on the Thriving Dentist Show!

Running Time 57:48

Gary has a great relationship with Dr. Fischer and from the moment he met him, Gary knew that Dr. Fischer had a deep commitment to helping patients enjoy great oral health. The first time Gary heard Dr. Fischer lecture, he took over 10 pages of notes. If you are driving while you are listening to this you may want to pull over, take out your notepad and start taking notes! This show will be epic! Welcome Dr. Fischer!

The story of how Ultradent was founded is an incredible story and we’ll let Dr. Fischer tell that story in just a minute, but the really wonderful part of that story is that Ultradent was founded to meet a need. There were no products on the market that could predictably control bleeding and sulcular fluid. So, Dr. Fisher invented one! There is one more aspect of Dr. Fischer’s life that I’d like to provide in this introduction.

Dr. Fischer and his amazing team are driven by an extremely strong moral code. They live their lives by the same core values that drive Ultradent; Integrity, Quality, Hard Work, Innovation, and Care. Thank you for being here and for setting an example for our industry.

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Category: Oral/Systemic Health