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Episode 422

5 Tips To Master Scheduling

by Gary Takacs | February 19, 2020

In today’s episode, Gary and Naren discuss 5 important tips for mastering scheduling in your dental practice. Often times, dentists will have a busy day according to their schedule, but it turns out that it wasn’t productive. Here, Gary introduces 5 tips to implement into your schedule now to make it topnotch and improve your practice’s productivity and financial stability. Put these actionable tips in place today so that your practice and your sanity aren’t in a miserable sink or swim mindset.

  • 00:35 > Introduction to today’s episode
  • 07:08 > Coaching in Action: 5 Tips to Master Scheduling
  • 08:20 > A non-productive day
  • 09:26 > Tip One: Rocks, sand and water
  • 16:50 > Homework- Define what are your rocks and define what is your sand
  • 18:07 > Tip Two: Define a daily production goal for you (the dentist)
  • 19:45 > Tip Three: Use time blocks in your scheduling template
  • 24:26 > Tip four: Designate one administrative team member to be your scheduling Coordinator
  • 30:09 > Tip Five: In your scheduling template, set up a model to where you can see a new patient within one week of the initial call
  • 37:22 > Thriving Dentist Q&A Segment
  • 38:01 > How can I consistently be productive?
  • 45:44 > When can I determine if I can afford to add a second assistant?
  • 54:13 > How can I become more productive and maintain the same schedule?
  • 59:04 > How can I create accountability with my scheduling coordinator?

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