Episode 501

A Life Well Lived in Dentistry

Host: Gary Takacs | Published Date: August 18, 2021 | Listening Time: 00:57:14

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We all have mentors who share our values that align us and who have attained success in life. Mentors are an essential part of life as they tend to drive us further to achieve our goals in terms of motivation, inspiration, and experience.

In this podcast episode of 501, Gary discusses the lessons that we could apply from the Four giants of dentistry, megastars that contributed to dentistry in enormous ways.

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A Life well lived is very accurate to say that each of these individuals truly lived a complete life that was legendary. 

  1. Doctor L. D. Pankey – The Father of modern-day restorative dentistry.
  2. Doctor Peter Dawson – The Master of concepts around the occlusion.
  3. Doctor Omer Reid – The Mentor of relationship-driven practice.
  4. Doctor Arthur Dugoni – The Former Dean of Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry at University of Pacific.

A unique clinical tip was given to us by Doctor Brittany Zito, an Orthodontist from New Jersey, on Five ways you and your team can scan faster with a digital scanner.

Time Stamps

Today’s Clinical Tip

Coaching in Action

  • 00:10:23 – Dr. L.D. Pankey
  • 00:11:24 – What happened when Dr. Pankey was in dental school?
  • 00:11:49 – What is dental suicide?
  • 00:12:40 – What was the commitment that Dr. Pankey did?
  • 00:15:44 – What can we learn from Dr. Pankey’s life?
  • 00:18:57 – Dr. Peter Dawson
  • 00:19:25 – What can we learn from Dr. Peter Dawson
  • 00:22:15 – Dr. Omer Reid
  • 00:22:51 – Gary talks about the index card story.
  • 00:27:47 – Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni
  • 00:28:35 – What was Dr. Dugoni’s skill?
  • 00:29:25 – What was the radical thing Dr.Dugoni did when he became the dean of Pacific school of dentistry?

Q&A Segment

  • 00:31:54 – Question 1 – Hearing you share the story of Dr. Pankey has really inspired me. When he moved from rural Kentucky to South Florida this really set the stage for following his vision. I am not sure I can practice the type of dentistry I would like to practice in my community. Your thoughts?
  • 00:40:21 – Question 2 – I know that Dawson Academy is known for quality education. With Pete’s passing is the Dawson Academy still a great place to go for post-graduate continuing education?
  • 00:43:19 – Question 3 – Dr. Reed strikes me as one of those mentors who was ahead of his time. Gary I know had a very close personal relationship with Dr. Reed. What takeaways can you share with me with Omer as a mentor?
  • 00:47:31 – Question 4 – Dr. Dugoni’s people skills are legendary. I struggle with this especially as my practice grows. What concepts from Dr. Dugoni can I apply in my practice?


Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs Gary became a successful practice owner by purchasing a fixer-upper practice and developing it into a world-class dental practice. He is passionate about sharing his hard-earned insights and experiences with dental practices across the globe.

As a dental practice coach, Gary provides guidance for dental professionals on how to create a healthier practice style that lets them deliver excellent patient care while reducing depending on insurance.

More importantly, Gary’s insights are not just based on theory – as a co-owner of a dental practice, he has first-hand experience in making this transformation from a high-volume and low-fee insurance model to a fee-for-service approach that is more sustainable and promotes a patient-centric and financially healthy dental practice, and he is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with other dental practitioners via the popular Thriving Dentist Show!
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