4 Best Books to Develop a Thriving Practice

4 Best Books to Develop a Thriving Practice

Lifelong learning is a key to having a thriving practice. One of the projects that I recommend to our clients is a project we call ‘Book Club’. Here’s how it works.

You invite your team members to participate and dedicate a certain lunch hour each week to the book club. You buy every team member the book and you also provide lunch on the day of the book club so that you can make it a working lunch. Each week you assign a short reading segment and then talk about it together in your book club. You can discuss what you learned in that reading segment and most importantly, talk about how you can apply the information to your practice.

Here are 4 fabulous books that should be high on your list of book club titles:

Brush by Dr. James Goolnik: The book is subtitled, Strategies to Make Your Dental Business Shine. In this fabulous book Dr. Goolnik shares his blueprint to create a successful life and dental practice. It is chock full of useful tips that you can use today to strengthen your practice. Dr. Goolnik practices in London, England and he is the past president of the BACD and has been voted most influential person in UK Dentistry multiple times! He’s an awesome resource.  http://www.jamesgoolnik.com/brush-the-book

Everything is Marketing by Fred Joyal: This book will forever change the way you and your team look at marketing. As the title would imply, Fred makes the very effective case that marketing is not just your advertising, but rather it is everything you do. Fred is spot on! Fred knows more than anyone I know on the topic of marketing. He understands what the consumer wants and you will be wise to read this together as a team.  http://goaskfred.com/freds-book/

Rise & Shine by Judy Kay: Mausolf This wonderful book is all about the concept that your attitude is a choice. Judy Kay believes that you truly have a choice and you can decide that every day will be your masterpiece. We all can use the wisdom in this book and Judy Kay has an infectious way of inspiring you and your team members.  http://www.practicesolutionsinc.net/book.html

Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy by Ashley Latter: This book is all about Ethical Selling and Communication. Ashley learned these skills in the Dale Carnegie Organization and he has adapted the material wonderfully to the dental profession. If you’d like to increase your case acceptance of ideal dentistry then this book is the perfect guide for you and the entire team.  http://www.ashleylatter.com/books/dont-wait-for-the-tooth-fairy-ashley-latter-book

Recently I was talking to a team member in a client office and she was thanking me for recommending the book club. With a hint of a tear in her eye she confessed that it had been over 20 years since she had read a book given the demands of full time employment and single parenthood. She told me she was so excited to rekindle her passion for learning. Her gratitude made my day! Keep smiling!