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5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Website, NOW!

I recently conducted a survey of Dentists asking the following question; ‘What is your most pressing concern?’ The #1 answer by a significant margin was; more new patients. This blog post will provide a solution to help you gain more new patients.

The solution is to get a mobile website, now. If you are reading this blog it is likely that you have a solid website. However, another very useful tool in your digital marketing toolkit is a mobile website. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a mobile website:

#1)  Over 50% of all Searches are Made from a Mobile Device: In 2012, we learned that mobile devices accounted for more than 50% of all searches. These are primarily smart phones and tablet devices.

#2)  Mobile Users Take Action: A recent Google report indicated that 44% of all people searching from a mobile device took action on the product or service they were searching. Clearly mobile searchers are of a mindset to take action.

#3)  Mobile Websites Load 6X Faster: A properly designed mobile website will load 6x faster than a traditional website loading on a mobile device. People’s attention span is shorter than ever. A quick loading site is a great marketing advantage.

#4)  Improved SEO: While Google will not disclose their search algorithm, we do know that their primary goal is to provide the most relevant search information. A mobile website will enhance your search ranking when the search originates from a mobile device.

#5)  Better User Experience: A traditional website downloaded onto a mobile device is a poor user experience. Gaining the information desired requires scrolling and enlarging. Your primary website was not designed to be experienced on a small screen. A well designed mobile website that is created specifically for a small screen is a better user experience that is more likely to convert visitors to become patients.

Last year I did research on companies providing mobile websites and found an excellent resource I’d like to share with you. The company is and was founded by Al Ferretti, a digital marketing authority. Al’s company provided our mobile website at LifeSmiles and we are thrilled with it! The picture in this blog is a sample making mobi site.

Al has kindly agreed to provide a savings to readers of this blog. The normal price for a making mobi website is $595, however they are offering a special price to ‘friends of Gary’ at $395. Be sure to mention you heard about it from this blog to receive the savings. Your mobile website may be one of the most cost-effective elements of your marketing plan.

A mobile website will help you solve one of your most pressing concerns. The world has gone mobile and having a mobile website will make your practice more relevant to patients searching for a Dentist from their mobile device. Keep Smiling!