Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch!

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch!

One of the goals that I encourage my clients to embrace is to create a culture of growth. I am firming convinced that practices are either growing or declining. A practice that is staying the same is actually in a state of decline because of the effects of inflation and cost increases. Growth has been harder to achieve in recent years due to the weak economy. However, it is absolutely possible to grow as evidenced by our 24% growth last year with the same team and the same hours. That came on the heels of a record year prior. It was not easy, but it was possible.

Before developing specific strategies to grow, I believe it is critically important to create a culture of growth where you and your team members embrace growth. Here are five specific steps to create a culture of growth:

Define a Noble Purpose 
Growth just to make more money is a rally cry where you will have few followers. Our noble purpose at LifeSmiles Dental Care is to help as many patients as possible enjoy excellent oral health and a beautiful, healthy smile.

Model Desired Behavior from the Top   
Leadership integrity requires that the Doctor model the behavior desired from the team.

Slow Down to Go Faster 
Design a new patient experience that will educate patients to make dentistry a higher priority so they are more inclined to accept ideal care.

Become an Unrelenting Source of Positive Energy  
Smile, be happy, radiate positive energy! It beats the alternative. Here is a wonderful short video clip that can remind us all of the importance of positive perspective:

Schedule Down Time to Recharge 
Dentistry is hard work, physically and emotionally. In order to achieve peak performance consider scheduling more downtime to recharge and renew.

The five steps listed above will create a solid foundation to support growth in your practice. I realize that the five steps are not easy to follow, however they are critically important and they will create a culture of growth within your practice. In future blogs I will share specific techniques and strategies to foster growth, but for now let me encourage you to work on establishing the culture that will provide the foundation for growth. Keep smiling!