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A Sure Sign of Greatness

A Sure Sign of Greatness

I learned a favorite quote from Dr. Omer Reed. While he was not the originator of these words, I like to give Dr. Reed credit for sharing them with me. The quote goes like this:

“The patient doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Truer words were never spoken! I recently witnessed a fantastic example of this concept. A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Nielson and I were invited to attend an open house for the newest tenant in the building where LifeSmiles (our dental practice) is located. I was very interested in going to this open house since it was a celebration of the opening of a Plastic Surgery Office literally across the hallway from our dental practice.

I had been watching the construction of this office for about three months now with great interest. This Plastic Surgery Office is owned by two brothers who are both plastic surgeons. One part of the office is a fully-certified outpatient clinic where the brothers provide a full range of plastic surgery services. In a separate area, the Drs. built a ‘Day Spa’ where the office provides skin care treatments, facials and peels, cosmetic injectable services and fillers, and they also carry a full line of professional-quality skin care products.

In watching the construction of this office, it was apparent that the Drs. had carefully designed their space and gave considerable thought to the design and decoration of this office. It is first-class without being over the top. As soon as I knew the names of the Drs. I called a couple physician friends of mine to inquire about the reputation of the Drs. I learned the brothers had practiced in Phoenix for over 15 years and everyone I spoke with said these Drs. were outstanding clinicians and great guys. I began to think that I will like having them as office neighbors.

The open house was outstanding. They catered the event from one of the finest restaurants in town.  Their entire team was dressed very professionally and genuinely friendly and eager to provide tours of their new office. Over the course of the two-hour open house, there were countless visitors. I was introduced to one of the plastic surgeons and chatted for a couple minutes before I continued on my tour conducted by his office manager. Dr. Nielson and I left about 30-40 minutes later. I left, thinking WOW this office is awesome!!

Why did I think that? Simple……………The Dr. remembered my name!! As I was departing, the Dr. said, “Thanks for coming Gary, we appreciate you being here.” This was some 40 minutes after he was briefly introduced to me, and in the interim he probably met well over 100 other guests. Yes, I think I am going to enjoy our new neighbors.

If you are considering plastic surgery services or would like to visit their Day Spa, come visit my friends Drs. Ali and Tamir Mosharrafa. When you meet them, I bet they will remember your name! Here’s their website:

If you visit, come across the hall and say hello. We love visitors! Keep Smiling!