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Are you ‘All In’?

Are you ‘All In’?

Pardon my enthusiasm………………but DENTISTRY ROCKS!!! Despite the reality of a weak economy, increasing third-party intrusion, and the challenges of controlling overhead, this is indeed an awesome time to be in the dental profession. Here are some reasons why dentistry rocks today.

Think about it. There are very few occupations where you have the opportunity to positively influence people’s lives on a daily basis. It could be something big like restoring a patient’s confidence by providing them with an ideal smile. Or it could be something seemingly small like just listening to a patient who desperately needs someone to listen to them. We literally have  the opportunity to connect with people and make a difference in their lives every day. Not many occupations provide that powerful opportunity!

Another reason this is such a great time in the dental profession is that new technology, materials, and techniques allow you to provide care that simply was not available even just a few years ago. CAD CAM dentistry, computer guided dental implant placement, hard and soft tissue laser treatment, sedation dentistry, amazing porcelain that is stronger than ever, salivary diagnostics to identify specific periodontal pathogens, new ways to treat chronic pain, adhesive materials that have incredible strength, an entire world of online continuing education, and better restorative materials are just a few of the wonders of modern dentistry.

Another reason I am ‘Bullish’ on the dental profession is that it can provide a very attractive income and lifestyle. Your income as a Dentist should put you among the highest incomes in the country. While there may be some athletes, celebrities and executives of Fortune 500 companies that make more income, the reality is that your earning potential as a Dentist is very attractive. This income in turn will allow you to provide a very comfortable lifestyle today and the ability to save and invest for your retirement. And you deserve it!! You worked hard to earn your education, pass the Dental Boards, and establish your practice and you deserve to be well compensated. You provide a valuable service and should rightfully receive a fair compensation for helping your patients enjoy great oral health.

A key to maximizing your potential as a Dentist is to go ‘All In’. By this I mean to fully immerse yourself in the dental profession. If you are not already passionate about dentistry, then figure out what it will take to become passionate about dentistry and take those steps today. In less turbulent times, it may have worked to be mildly interested in your career, but those days are gone and they aren’t coming back. As my grandmother would have said, “That ship sailed”!

The rewards for going ‘All In’ are there for anyone willing to make that commitment. It’s a true win/win/win. You’ll win by becoming the best Dentist you can become, your practice will thrive as a result of your full engagement, and your patients will benefit by receiving excellent care from someone who loves what they do. If you are not already doing so, make 2013 the year you go ‘All In’ for dentistry! Keep Smiling!