Continuing Education is the Key to a Thriving Dental Practice

Continuing Education is the Key to a Thriving Dental Practice

As I am writing this blog post I am attending a CE course in Utah provided by Dr. PK Clark at his Whitecap Institute ( This is a week long course and it is providing a truly amazing experience for those attending. The attendees range in experience from a young Dentist who has been in practice for a grand total of two days now to a ‘seasoned’ Dentist who has been practicing for 40 years! WOW, what a range of experience.

The course is nothing short of fantastic! Dr. Clark has a passion for teaching and is deeply committed to sharing his experience with his course attendees. Each day starts at 8am and finishes well into the evening. So far, in addition to lecture material, we have observed the placement of 7 dental implants on one patient, the placement of a block graft and a GTR (guided tissue regeneration) on another patient. We also had an amazing presentation by Dr. Paul Clark (PK’s son, a dual degreed DMD MD)) on medical complications and how to screen for and deal with medical issues with patient. Course attendees have also done some hands on bench experiences to go along with the lecture content. Last night, Dr. Clark invited me to present a session on how to build the implant component of your practice.

I finished my presentation at 7:30 pm last night. After my presentation, Dr. Clark and I had a stimulating conversation about the many exciting things that are happening in the dental profession today. We ended our discussion at 10:30 pm only because we knew the next day was an early start. Our conversation could easily have gone all night!

I am writing this blog post in part to introduce you to Dr. Clark and his Whitecap Institute but also to address the broader topic of the importance of dental CE. I have made it my life’s work to study successful Dentists and one common denominator that I have noticed is a deep commitment to continuing education. It’s no coincidence that this commitment to CE has a direct relationship to their practice success.

I encourage my clients to develop a three-year plan for their major CE. This gives you an opportunity to plan areas of study, mentors you’d like to experience and also plan where you’d like to go. This investment that you make in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. Go for it, you’re worth it! Keep Smiling!

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