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I witnessed something yesterday that was so profound I just had to write about it.

I was coaching a dental practice in Tallmadge, Ohio. About midway through the morning, an older patient walked through the front door and greeted Suzie, our world-class administrative team member. I like to think of Suzie as our ‘Director of First Impressions!’ The patient was carrying a box. He said hello to Suzie and said that he brought something for her.

Apparently this man’s wife had recently passed away. He opened the box and said the following:

“Suzie, as you know my wife recently passed away. I went through her jewelry and found some things that I want you to have. I noticed that you wear pretty jewelry and you have always made me feel so good when I come here that I want you to have these.”

He opened the box and it was filled with beautiful jewelry. Suzie walked around the front desk, into the reception, gave him a big hug and said, ‘Thank You, I am so honored that you thought of me.”

This scene absolutely touched my emotions. Of all the people in this gentleman’s world, he wanted to share some very special jewelry with Suzie. How cool is that?!! It speaks volumes to the type of person that Suzie is and how she treats her job. Actually, it’s not a job to Suzie at all. Suzie believes that it is her purpose to make each patient feel incredibly special when they visit the office. And she does it with amazing talent and grace.

Incidentally, Suzie has been with this practice now for 41 years!! Well done, Suzie. Here’s to all the Suzie’s in the world and here’s wishing that you can build a team of ‘Suzie’s’. Keep Smiling!