5 Best Ways to Increase Patient Referrals

5 Best Ways to Increase Patient Referrals

In this blog I have written a bit about marketing and how you can consistently attract quality new patients. Digital Marketing is the ‘shiny new thing’ in dental marketing and I am indeed excited about how technology can be used in your marketing efforts. However, in this blog post I am going old school by discussing the 5 best ways to increase your patient referrals.

Patient referrals are the best form of marketing because patients who are referred to you already arrive in your office with a high degree of trust and confidence. These patients already know and like you. Here’s some useful ways to get more referrals:

Let patients know you Love new patients
Sounds obvious, I know. However, many patients may be under the false perception that you do not accept new patients. A phrase like, “We love seeing new patients” can help pave the way to increased referrals.

Ask Again, obvious but often overlooked. Here’s a great way to compliment a wonderful patient: “Linda, we sure love seeing patients like you! Would you please do us a favor and send us other patients like you?” 

Thank You Notes
Old-fashioned, but super effective! Especially in the era of emails, text messaging, social media and snap chatting, the hand written thank you note is rare and much appreciated. People who refer want to be recognized and a hand written note is just the way to do so.

ID family members
The facts are that many more women go to the dentist than men. Make a point of reviewing your records and if the wife is a patient but not the husband, ask her if he has a dentist and if not, tell her you’d love to invite him to be a patient. Same applies to family members. Most practices have a huge referral opportunity here!

Online reviews
The best patient referral sources are outgoing, social and gregarious. Not all patients fit that personality type. The introverts may love you too, but just don’t have the social circles to sing your praises. Ask these people to write an online review. This is an indirect means of patient referral since people do value the opinions of others and a great way to tap into the potential of your less social patients.

Consider these 5 ways to increase patient referrals in your practice. You’ll be creating an engaged patient base who love to share the Dentist and practice they love with others. Building a legion of ambassadors who tell others about you is an awesome element of your marketing plan. Keep Smiling!