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Lifelong Learning: Your key to LOVING dentistry!

Lifelong Learning: Your key to LOVING dentistry!

It has been my life’s work to study successful dentists. One of the common denominators of successful dentists is they embrace lifelong learning and are constantly challenging themselves to learn more and expand their skills. I cannot recall a single exception to this approach of embracing lifelong learning.

My inspiration for this blog post was the writing of Dr. Lee Ann Brady. Here is what Dr. Brady had to say about staying engaged in dentistry. 

Dr. Brady is right on and her recounting of her own personal experiences and challenges with staying engaged will likely resonate with many dentists. Thanks for sharing, Dr. Brady!

In the spirit of helping you stay engaged and embrace lifelong learning, below are some links of clinical educators providing some incredible dental CE courses:

Dr. Frank Spear:

Dr. Gordon Christensen:       

Dr. Ross Nash:      

Dr. Dan Fisher:

Here is a link for a great seminar that will entertain and educate you and your entire team from my friends Rich and Dave Madow. They call it The Best Seminar Ever (TBSE) and I can report firsthand that this name is accurate!

The Madow Brothers

I also want to encourage you to start building a library of video and audio programs to supplement live courses. Your library can help you stretch your CE budget and help you continue the learning process when travel to a course is just not possible. Here are two of my favorite sources of material for your library:

(NOTE: Buy one get one Free in September!)  Videos from Dr. Christensen

Finally, here is a link to an entire online library of CE provided by Dr. Frank Spear, Imtiaz Manji and the team at Spear Education. This library is amazing and is a great way to get quality education at your convenience:

Lifelong learning truly is the key to LOVING dentistry. Take advantage of the links provided in this blog and immerse yourself in learning experiences sure to educate and inspire. Keep Smiling!