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5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

Your website should be on of your most productive sources of new patients for your office  the website can work 24/7 to educate and inform potential patients about why they would benefit from choosing your office for their dental care.  In addition to having a great website, part of your marketing plan should include specific strategies to direct eyeballs to your website.  Of all the things that you can do to direct traffic to your site, having a website that is enhanced for mobile devices is one of the most effective strategies.

According to Wikipedia, a mobile friendly website is one that includes the suffic .mobi in the url. It’s name is derived from the adjective mobile, indicating its use by mobile devies for accessing internet resources via mobile web.  Regular websites will appear on smart phones and other mobile devies, but they are slow to load, hard to view and they do not offer the right experience for mobile users.  Keep in mind that your .mobi site does not replace your regular website, but is a powerful addition to your traditional site.

Here are 5 reasons why your website needs to be mobile friendly:

1.  Explosion of smart phone users:  Mobile users now outnumber computer users by a ratio of 5 to 1 and that number is increasing every day!

2.  People use mobile devices for searches:  Over 50% of all online searches today are done from a mobile device and 95% of people with a smart phone have used it for local search.

3.  Mobile users take action:  A recent Google study reported that 77% contracted the business they found after conducting a search on a smart phone.  Clearly people searching via a mobile device are in the mode to take action.

4.  A mobile friendly website loads faster:  A website with a .mobi suffic will load 6 times faster than a traditional site.  People are impatient today.  A website that loads faster will result in more visitors to your site.

5.  Improve search ranking:  By driving more traffic to your website, you will improve your search ranking with Google and the other search engines.

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Consider adding a .mobi website as an addition to your regular site.  Your mobile friendly website will result in more visitors to your site and more new patients that select your office for their dental care.  Helping more patients have great oral health is your kep to making 2012 your best year yet!  Keep smiling!