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Nine Habits of a Happy Dental Professional

Nine Habits of a Happy Dental Professional

I just returned from speaking at the Dentistry Show in Birmingham, England. It was a great conference attended by thousands of Dentists and Team Members who came from throughout the UK. A highlight of the trip was attending the Heart Your Smile fundraising event on Friday evening. Let me tell you more about the Heart Your Smile Project.

Over a year ago my friend, Dr. James Goolnik and a group of his colleagues decided that it was time to change the public perception of dentistry in the UK. Seems the public perception of dentistry was sour and there was a need to get the public more interested in good oral health. The Heart Your Smile Project was born out of this decision.

The project was created to accomplish the following:

  • Create a positive public perception of dentistry
  • Encourage better oral health
  • Help people understand the connection between oral and general health
  • Provide Dental Professionals the tools to engage their local community

To accomplish these goals the Heart Your Smile Team created a Manifesto of the 9 Habits of a Happy Dental Professional. Here are those 9 Habits:

  1. Be Confident     Believe you can make THE difference
  2. Smile                  It’s attractive and it’s free
  3. Connect             Join in, listen, understand
  4. Innovate            Challenge your boundaries
  5. Excel                  Excellence is a journey, not a destination
  6. Inspire                Lead by example
  7. Mentor                Everyone benefits
  8. Respect              Treat every person as you wish to be treated
  9. Care                    Everyone’s health matters

Over the past year I have noticed the tremendous difference this grass roots project is making! This is happening on the macro level, where the public is indeed developing a more positive perception of dentistry. It’s also happening on the micro level, where Dental Professionals are developing self confidence and the belief that they can make a difference and the work they do is important! Lives are changing and practices are improving.

I applaud Dr. James Goolnik for his bold vision. He’s a person who takes action. I was a guest at his table during the fundraiser dinner and we had a stimulating conversation about his vision for the Heart Your Smile Project. It’s all about changing lives for the better. The Heart Your Smile project is a project that needs to be expanded outside of the UK. Stay tuned for more information as we develop the details. Keep Smiling!