Oh….The Places You Will Go

Oh….The Places You Will Go

Having just returned from the 2012 ADA Annual Session in San Francisco, I am reminded how important it is to embrace lifelong learning. This meeting was absolutely wonderful from so many perspectives. The conference included some of the best speakers in dentistry presenting new content on how to take even better care of your patients. The exhibit hall was filled with all the latest technology that makes dentistry fun and exciting. The host city of San Francisco offered many wonderful diversions and perhaps most importantly, the conference provided an opportunity to connect with old friends and a forum to meet new ones!

Below is a partial list of some great dental meetings and conferences in 2013. Notice that all of these meeting are being held in outstanding locations:

Yankee Dental Congress     Boston, MA
Jan. 30 – Feb 3

Chicago Mid Winter Meeting     Chicago, IL
Feb. 21-23

Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting     Atlanta, GA
March 21-23

California Dental Association     Anaheim, CA
April 11-13

Townie Meeting    Las Vegas, NV
April 18

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry     Seattle, WA
April 24-27

Academy of General Dentistry     Nashville, TN
June 27-30

American Dental Association     New Orleans, LA

Greater New York Dental Meeting     New York, NY
Nov 29-Dec 4

Here’s my suggestion. Take a look at this list above and pick a meeting and a city that you would not normally attend and make plans now to visit that meeting.  Stretch outside of your comfort zone. You learn many new things and meet new friends! Keep Smiling!