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Online Reviews are Amazing!!

Online Reviews are Amazing!!

Today, your successful marketing plan will include activities that fall under the category of ‘Digital Marketing’. Certainly, if you are reading this blog you are keenly aware of the value of  digital marketing activities such as a strong website, a mobile website, social media, and other marketing action utilizing current technology.

It was sobering for me to learn that almost 50% of all dental practices in the US today do not even have a website. WOW! I can’t imagine that, nor could you, I’m sure.

One of really exciting things happening in the world of digital marketing today is online reviews. There are countless sites where people can provide an online review of your dental practice. These reviews can be a great forum for patients to share their perception of the things that make your practice so great in their eyes. I like to think of online reviews as a 21st Century version of word of mouth referral. Before Al Gore invented the internet (tongue firmly planted in cheek!!), people might chat with their neighbor over the picket fence and the conversation might include a discussion of their recent experience at the dentist. This Norman Rockwell image has been replaced by people sharing their experiences by typing on their keyboard or smart phone and sharing these experiences with the world via online reviews. Cool stuff!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have read about how we have had some wonderful new patients find our practice by means of online reviews, including a patient who was terrified of going to the dentist and found us because of online reviews praising our use of sedation and the kind, gentle nature of Dr. Nielson.

The challenge with online reviews is that there are literally hundreds of sites where these reviews can be posted and keeping track or it all can be daunting…….until NOW! Recently, my good friend, Fred Joyal, the founder of 1-800-DENTIST, sent me an email telling me he wanted to demo a new product they were launching called Reputation Monitor. Fred’s email was short and concise and closed with the line, “I think you will like this, Gary and I can’t wait to show it to you!” I have known Fred for over 25 years and Fred has an amazing depth of knowledge in the area of dental marketing. I was so excited to see the demo!

Fred was right on! Reputation Monitor is an awesome product/service that allows you or your office manager to easily manage and become informed about what is being said about your office online. It provides a centralized dashboard to help you track reviews and postings and then use this information to build even more positive online comments. Benefits include raising your ranking on Google and other search engines and complete and accurate listing of your practice on the myriad of sites where patients might go to find a dentist.  Reputation Monitor is amazing and I encourage you to schedule an online demo so that you can see the power of this incredible service. Below is a link to a landing page where you can arrange a demo:

If you have not read the latest edition of Fred’s book titled, Everything is Marketing then you’d be wise to do so now! This 4th Edition includes new information about the latest in digital marketing including the importance of online reviews. Fred was kind enough to offer special pricing of his book to readers of this blog. Here’s the link:  Use TAKACS as the promo code and the book is $10 and the audiobook is $20 including shipping. Thanks Fred!

Oh………one last comment about online reviews. Make sure that you and your team members are connecting with your patients and providing them with the type of experiences that make them want to tell others about your office! By doing so, you will be creating practice ambassadors who can’t wait to direct other great patients to your practice. Then, manage all this awesomeness with Reputation Monitor! Keep Smiling!