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Having Fun and Giving Back!

Does having 45 boys ages 16 and 17 in your office on a mid-summer Wednesday evening sound like your idea of fun? What if their parents were with them and they were in your office to have impressions taken for the NFL-quality mouth guards we are making for them? Well, that’s exactly what happened last […]

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The Time is NOW!

While it has been common knowledge in the dental profession that there is a link between oral and systemic health, the really great news is that the public is beginning to get this message via mainstream media channels. Today, we know that if a patient has periodontal disease, they have a higher risk of experiencing […]

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30 Leaders in Dentistry

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”                  -Isaac Newton Like he was with so many things, Sir Isaac Newton was right on. Let me state from the beginning that I absolutely LOVE the dental profession! Pardon my enthusiasm, but the reason I love the dental […]

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