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Either You Run the Day or the Day Runs You!

Either You Run the Day or the Day Runs You!

Today I interviewed my good friend Dr. Todd Franklin for my Thriving Dentist Show audio podcast. Todd practices in the town of Lodi, CA and he has created a very strong practice in an area hard hit by the economic downturn. His interview will air in a couple of weeks and you’ll love it. We talk about how you can be successful wherever you are!

Our interview inspired this blog post. In the interview, I asked Todd to provide 3 tips to help a Dentist move their practice forward in a positive direction. Without hesitation, his first tip was to always begin the day with a morning huddle.

The morning huddle is an important key to our success and this blog post will outline precisely how to have a successful morning huddle.

The morning huddle is a short meeting to plan and troubleshoot the day ahead. The huddle is a short meeting, no longer than 7 minutes. Ideally, every team member should be in attendance. Rotate the leadership of the morning huddle with a specific team member responsible for the huddle that week. Here is a checklist to follow:

1.  A review of yesterday:



New Patients_______________

Unscheduled Tx from Yesterday______________

2.  A look at today:

Dr. Production Goal:_______________

Projected Dr. Production:____________

Hygiene Production Goal:____________

Projected Hygiene Production:_________

3.  Are production blocks scheduled for next five days?

4.  Next ‘Rock’ (major production) opening in Dr’s schedule?

5.  Next new patient opening?

6.  Next opening in hygiene schedule?

7.  Identify patients to take digital photos on today’s schedule

8.  Morning emergency slot________

9.  Afternoon emergency slot___________

10.  Financial information on today’s patients

11.  New patient review (review telephone slip)

12.  Challenges and/or celebrations in today’s schedule (patient’s or team members)

13.  Answer this question: Whose life are we going to change today?

14.  Thought for the day (end on a positive note!)

This checklist will help you plan your day and identify potential trouble spots in your day. By getting every team member tuned into your day you will have intention and focus. I am a firm believer in the concept that either you run your day or the day runs you! Here’s to your success! Keep Smiling!