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It’s All About the Company You Keep!

It’s All About the Company You Keep!

Last week I had the honor of speaking at the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) Conference. This conference happened to be right in my backyard in Scottsdale, AZ and I shared the podium with my great friend, Fred Joyal. The invitation came about over a year ago when Fred called me and asked if I’d like to co-present with him at this conference. I remember thinking that it would be very cool to speak with Fred since we both share a passion for our wonderful profession. The bonus was that the Conference was in Scottsdale and the Host Hotel was just a few minutes from my house. All very cool.

Even cooler were the truly amazing people I met at this conference! The AADOM is a wonderful organization deeply committed to their members’ success. As their name would imply, the AADOM is composed of office managers and administrative team members in dentistry. The membership includes office managers of solo Dentist offices, office managers of partnerships and small groups and office managers of larger group practices. The leadership of AADOM and their members are true professionals committed to learning and improving the lives of their patients and the performance of their practices. While they are serious about learning, this is also a group that knows how to have fun. Witness the opening of the Conference. The singer is Lorie Streeter doing an amazing Adele rendition (Lorie is the Senior Vice-President of the AADOM):

If you are not already a member of the AADOM, I strongly encourage you to join. Membership includes some wonderful benefits and resources. Here is their website ( Perhaps the greatest benefit of membership is being part of this great community of people. Dentists have their Associations, Hygienists also have their Associations and Dental Assistants also have a community of like-minded people they can connect with. It is so useful for office managers and administrative team members to have a community of people that they can connect with to learn and grow.

The AADOM also has a Fellowship Program for members interested in earning the highest possible recognition. Earning your Fellowship requires extensive study, testing and commitment. At the Scottsdale conference 34 people earned their Fellowship in the AADOM. The photo for this blog post shows the graduating Fellows. It was so very cool to see these amazing people being cheered on by their families and friends. Well done! Keep Smiling!