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The One Project You Must Do This Holiday Season

The One Project You Must Do This Holiday Season

The reason I love the dental profession so much is because of the quality of the people in dentistry. Our profession is literally filled with people with a helpful and giving spirit. Over the years I have seen the generosity of the dental profession firsthand when Dentists and their team members have volunteered to provide charity dental care in a variety of settings. Many Dentists and their teams have travelled to third world countries to provide dental care to people that have never had access to any dental care. This Holiday Season I’d like to suggest a project to help someone in your local community by providing a makeover for someone who has been a victim of domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is terrible tragedy and reality for many people. The victims of domestic abuse are often left with physical and emotional scars that can make it difficult for them to function. Many times the victims suffer from missing teeth and other dental issues. Start this project by contacting the Director of a local charity that focuses on victims of domestic abuse. Introduce yourself and tell the Director that you would like to provide a makeover for someone that has experienced domestic abuse. Ask them to select someone with dental issues who could benefit from your care.

In addition to providing the necessary dental care, I’d encourage you to put together a group of other business owners in your community to participate in this makeover. You could include a hair salon to provide hair and makeup services. A local woman’s boutique could provide professional clothing appropriate for a job interview. Your local gym or fitness center could provide a membership for fitness training. Be creative here and think of some businesses in your local community that would like to participate.

The dental care you provide will depend on the particular case, but keep in mind that many victims of domestic abuse are missing teeth. Recently I wrote a blog post about Snap-On Smile after meeting the inventor, Dr. Marc Liechtung at a conference. See this link for more information ( This case may represent an opportunity to provide a Snap-On Smile. Should this option be indicated, your costs to provide this care are very affordable and the results are truly life-changing. If you are not already familiar with this treatment option, this case would give you an opportunity to learn about it and determine if you would like to add it to your treatment mix.

This project will provide a wonderful service to someone in need right in your local community. The dental care you provide, along with the other ancillary services may be exactly what that person needs to restore their self confidence and begin to rebuild their life. You and your team members will have the common experience of helping someone in need and you will be adding a chapter to the positive culture of your practice. I am never sure who benefits most from a project like this, the person receiving the care or the people providing it! Keep Smiling!