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Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Whitening Business

New Flash: People want whiter teeth! A recent USA survey reported that 85% of respondents said they wanted whiter teeth when asked what they would change about their smile. Embracing whitening is an excellent strategy to grow your practice today. Here are the top 5 ways to grow your whitening business:

1.  Set a Goal: Stretch yourself here. Consider the goal of providing one whitening service per day in your practice. This is an aggressive goal, but one that is very achievable.

Stretch yourself here. Consider the goal of providing one whitening service per day in your practice. This is an aggressive goal, but one that is very achievable.

2. Offer Multiple Options: It is useful to have multiple options to meet the different needs of your patients. A chairside option (such as Philips Zoom) is a great choice when patients want whitening done for them and also when the patient has an upcoming event (wedding, reunion, graduation etc…) when they would not have time for take-home whitening. In addition to a chairside option also offer an take-home option such as  Philips Zoom Nite White or Day White. This option works great for patients that are willing to do more of the whitening process and can be offered at a lower cost since you have limited chair time.

3.  Value Price Whitening : I do not believe in giving away whitening since patients place little value with no investment. However, it is simple economics that you will do more whitening if you lower the price. This is the one service I do not mind value pricing since the ultimate benefit is the additional restorative and elective treatment that comes about after you whiten patient’s teeth. In my client offices, I recommend a price that is still profitable, but very affordable.

4.  Offer Life-Time Whitening: With either chairside or take-home option you will provide patients with a set of custom trays. Consider offering your patients Life-Time whitening by providing them additional gel during their hygiene appointments provided they keep their recommended hygiene appointments. You can buy the gel in bulk at an affordable price and give the patient 1 or 2 syringes of gel as part of their hygiene appointment. This is wonderful motivation for them to keep their appointments and they can touch up their smile resulting in more interest in other treatment. A win/win solution!

5.  Assign a Whitening Champion: A key to growing your whitening business is to keep whitening top of mind in your practice. Consider assigning a particular team member to be your whitening Champion. This person will quarterback the project and some responsibilities will include ordering supplies, planning marketing activities, reporting whitening results at team meetings and generally keeping whitening a focus within your practice.

Growing your whitening business is an excellent strategy to help your office thrive. Patients who whiten their teeth are more interested in their teeth and as a result they become better patients. Plus, patients want whiter teeth! Giving patients what they want is a great strategy any time. Keep Smiling!