Make 2013 the ‘Year of Video’

Make 2013 the ‘Year of Video’

Digital marketing is the future of dental marketing and that future is here today! People use their computers, smart phones. laptops and tablets to find goods and services today and you would be wise to make digital marketing a big part of your 2013 marketing plan.

Here’s a partial list of components of a solid digital marketing plan:

  • Strong website (Search Engine Enhanced)
  • Mobile website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media strategy
  • Online reviews
  • Consumer-oriented videos

The rest of this blog post will address the importance of video. Technology now makes it very easy to record and post simple videos to your website and other online channels; most notably, Youtube.

Video is a powerful marketing tool because the majority of people are visually-oriented and they process information best via visual means. Video allows you to focus on a particular topic and they ‘humanize’ you and your practice.

Another reason why video is such an important part of your digital marketing efforts is that Google likes video! Of course, we all know that Google is the #1 search engine in the world! However, did you know that the #2 search engine is YouTube…….and wait for it…….YouTube is owned by……You guessed it……Google!

The videos that you record and upload to your website and YouTube may never go viral and get millions of viewers, but it doesn’t matter. The really important factor is the Google is ‘watching’.

Google won’t tell us what their algorithm is to rank their search process (it’s their secret sauce), but we do know that Google values dynamic content in their ranking system. Video is an easy way to provide dynamic content to your website and other online channels.

The ideal video is short and covers a particular topic. Length could be one and a half to three minutes in length. You do not need elaborate equipment. You could use a high definition flip video camera or even your iPhone to record the videos!

So, here’s your homework assignment. I’d like you to record some videos. To inspire your creative process, here is a list of 10 potential topics:

  1. Short video tour of your office
  2. Video bio of the Dentist talking about the practice & inviting new patients to make an appointment
  3. Feature on a particular piece of technology (ie: CEREC, Laser, Digital X-Rays etc…)
  4. Options for whitening
  5. Benefits of dental implants
  6. What to do if your child has a tooth knocked out
  7. Sports mouthguards
  8. Video profile of a team member
  9. Comfort options available in your office
  10. The connection between oral and general health

You get the idea. I realize that for many of you this project is well outside of your comfort zone. That’s part of the project. No personal growth happens until you step outside of your comfort zone. Have some fun with this. If you don’t like what you have filmed, erase the video and film it again. Here’s to making 2013 the ‘Year of Video’ for you and all the benefits that go with it. Keep Smiling!