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Episode 373

Case Acceptance Tips to Get More Yes’s from Your Patients with Dr. Chris Bowman

by Gary Takacs | March 13, 2019

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Chris Bowman DDS

Often times a major difference between a good Dentist and a world-class Dentist is the case presentation skills of the Dentist.

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Chris Bowman as a Guest to discuss how to get more patients to say ‘Yes’ to your treatment recommendations.

In this interview, Gary and Chris discuss;

  • The importance of the initial phone call and how to set yourself up for success beginning with that first call,
  • a very specific question to ask all potential new patients in that first call (you will LOVE this!),
  • the concept of overhear psychology and how to use it consistently in your practice,
  • how to use pattern interrupt in your patient communication,
  • the importance of digital photos for patient education,
  • a thorough discussion of Chris’ 5 Step Problem Presentation System
  • and the concept of learning how to talk with patients about what they really want in regards to dental treatment.

Throughout the interview Chris shares many practical tips that will help you on your path to mastering case acceptance.

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