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Episode 286

Changes in the World of Dental CE with Elijah Desmond

by Gary Takacs | July 12, 2017

It is no coincidence that Dentists who take more CE have more successful practices. However, not all Dental CE is the same. Dental CE that provides excellent educational content in a unique location and networking opportunities with the speakers and attendees can be truly powerful learning experiences.

Running Time: 37:38 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend Elijah Desmond to share his thoughts on the changing world of dental CE. In this interview Gary and Elijah discuss; 3 major trends that are happening in the dental profession today and how Dentists can respond to these trends, why traditional dental conferences are struggling to remain relevant today, new CE opportunities for Dentists today, Elijah’s motivation to start a charity called ‘A Success Story for Kids’ with the mission of helping children realize their potential, Elijah’s Smiles at Sea Program and the interview concludes with announcing Gary as the featured speaker for the 2018 Smiles at Sea Alaska Cruise. You will be inspired by Elijah and his commitment to truly make a difference in the world!

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