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Episode 44

Confessions of an Average Dentist (part I) with Dr. Michael Ditolla

by Gary Takacs | October 17, 2012

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TDS Logo 600X600One of the best elements of the Thriving Dentist Show is the friendships that Gary has with some of the most amazing people in the dental profession. Gary has developed these friendships over the past 30+ years and he brings these friends to the Thriving Dentist Show to share their wisdom, passion and information with our listeners. Today we are very fortunate to have Dr. Mike DaTolla as a very special guest on the Show. As a dentist who practices within the largest dental lab in the US, Dr. DiTolla has access to tens of thousands of doctor’s preps and impressions on a monthly basis. As a result he has an intimate knowledge of the common habits of the dentists getting the best restorative results. As a self-proclaimed ‘average dentist’, he has developed techniques that provide exceptional restorative results with a very average set of hands. His mission is to share these techniques with dentists to help them improve their preps, impressions and restorations. Dr. Ditolla firmly believes that when dentists perform better restorative dentistry they are happier, more profitable and most importantly, the patient achieves better oral health. Clearly, Dr. Ditolla has a great message to share with the Thriving Dentist Show listeners.

Running Time 54:41

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