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Episode 380

Creating the Remarkable Dental Practice with Fred Joyal

by Gary Takacs | May 1, 2019

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Fred Joyal has been a colleague and friend of Gary’s for 32+ years!

Gary invited Fred as a returning Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show to share information about a new digital course that Fred has created all about how to create a truly remarkable dental practice.

Fred Joyal

As a result of his ground breaking work at 1-800-DENTIST Fred has a vast experience base of knowledge about how consumers think about Dentists and about dentistry.

Over the years, Fred has spent over $500 Million on getting patients to go to the Dentist!

In this Show, Gary and Fred discuss;

  • Why Fred created this 8 week video course, the ultimate mindset for practice success,
  • how to get your entire team on board with your practice vision,
  • how to vasty improve your communication skills,
  • what dental patients want,
  • how to manage your online reputation and why this is critical in 2019 and beyond,
  • where to put your time and energy on social media to get the best results,
  • how your office environment either enhances or detracts from your results,
  • and a host of other tips to help you build the best possible practice.

Throughout the interview Fred provides the ‘WHY’ behind these proven strategies which is extremely important to understand for lasting results!

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Use THRIVING (all caps) in the Coupon Code to receive a $300 savings on the digital course!

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