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Episode 321

Dental Everything… All in one app! with Dr. Jim Arnold

by Gary Takacs | March 14, 2018

This truly is ‘The Information Age’! That label is especially true in dentistry where the amount of information and knowledge is growing exponentially. It can be a real challenge to keep up with all the cool new dental information!

Running time:  55:09

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend Dr. Jim Arnold as a guest to discuss a powerful new app to help Dentists stay informed. In this Show, Gary and Jim discuss; Jim’s background as a practicing Dentist and Educator, Jim’s experience as the owner of two dental practices, what led Jim to co-develop the SWYP Dental app, content aggregation and how to literally create your own person dental news feed, the importance of community and how SWYP Dental creates a powerful dental community, the benefits that Jim has experienced by partnering with Elite Dental Partners, Jim’s athletic background and how that has helped him in his professional career and the interview concludes with Jim sharing his insights for has long term vision for the future.

Website for SWYP:

You can download the SWYPDental app from the Apple app store for iPhones or from Google Play for android smart phones

Jim’s email address:

Website for Elite Dental Partners:

Category: Dental CE