Episode 530

Dr. Peter Dawson on Helping Patients Want Complete Dentistry

Host: Gary Takacs | Published Date: March 9, 2022 | Listening Time: 00:50:57

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As all of you know, Dr. Dawson is a legend in dentistry, and Complete dentistry was the term he coined as he learned more and more about providing complex treatment.

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In this episode, you will learn;

Tips to do complete dentistry and help your patients.

What the acronym WIDIOM is and why its important in complete dentistry

A question every dentist should be asking their patients.

This episode also features a clinical tip from Dr.Bahram Hamidi, DDS, NMD, on Salivary diagnostics.

Time Stamps

  • 00:00:25 – Introduction to the episode.
  • 00:00:59 – Announcement on the Upcoming MBA Workshop.

Today’s Clinical Tip

  • 00:02:46 – Salivary Diagnostics by Dr.Bahram Hamidi, DDS, NMD

Coaching In Action Segment

  • 00:08:40 – Gary and Naren talk about Dr. Dawson’s influence in Dentistry?
  • 00:11:09 – What does the term complete dentistry mean?
  • 00:11:43 – What is the WIDIOM rule?
  • 00:15:38 – Gary shares the story he heard from Dr. Peter Dawson 25 years ago.
  • 00:27:20 – What is the question Gary teaches his clients to ask their patients?

Q&A Segment

  • 00:32:20 – Question 1 – It seems like the majority of my patients are only interested in treatment that is covered by their insurance. How can I attract patients that are not insurance dependent?
  • 00:38:34 – Question 2 – Recently my office manager shared with me that she thinks I am guilty of pre-judging my patients. I have to applaud her for having the courage to share this with me. Sadly I think she is right. How can I change this?
  • 00:42:06 – Question 3 – We have a very much working class patient base. Can I help these patients become interested in complete dentistry?
  • 00:45:49 – Question 4 – I have so much appreciation for the many contributions that Dr. Peter Dawson made to our profession. I feel like one of the reasons that I often stop short of presenting complete dentistry is that I don’t feel fully competent to provide it. Can you suggest some CE resources?


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