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Episode 228

Empowering Today’s Dental Assistants with Kevin Henry

by Gary Takacs | June 1, 2016

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Dental Assistants are often the unsung heroes of dentistry and they play a critical role is the success of a practice. Kevin Henry is regarded as the ‘Champion of Dental Assistants’ and he is passionate about helping dental assistants achieve their full potential.


Running Time: 59:35 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview Gary and Kevin discuss the changing role of today’s dental assistants and how they contribute to a thriving practice. Some of the topics discussed include; How dental assistants can become a bigger part of the practice, why dental assistants need to understand the numbers of the practice, how to develop a great relationship with your dental assistants and five specific recommendations for dental assistants to achieve their full potential. You will love Kevin’s passion for all things related to dental assistants and his practical, use-it-now recommendations!

Kevin’s website: www.kevinspeaksdental.com

Other websites mentioned in interview:


Kevin’s email address: kevin@kevinspeaksdental.com

Podcast Assistance by Jodey Smith, Rodecaster Expert Category: Dental Assistants