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Episode 389

Everything to Consider When Building Your Ideal Office with Bruce Johnstone

by Gary Takacs | July 3, 2019

It is likely that as some point in your career you will build your ideal office. Gary did so in 2011 and he credits the new office as an important element in his practice success.

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Bruce Johnstone to discuss all the details to consider when building your ideal new office.

In this Show, Gary and Bruce discuss;

  • the different professionals to assemble on your project Team,
  • The concept of a fully integrated design and construction Team,
  • the role of each specialist (real estate, design, construction, dental equipment) on your project Team,
  • how to ensure that you maintain consistency of your brand as you build your new office,
  • common mistakes that Bruce has seen and how to avoid these mistakes,
  • how to accomplish the build of your new office on time and on budget, 
  • considerations on owning your office real estate vs leasing, when leasing makes sense,
  • success stories on Dentists who have built a new office and had a great experience doing so
  • and some tips that Bruce has learned as a part of a 4th Generation Family Company that specializes in building dental offices.

This episode will prove very useful whether you are building your new office soon or will do so at some point in your career.

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