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Episode 250

Everything You Need to Know About Pension Plans with Reese Harper

by Gary Takacs | November 1, 2016

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Recently, Gary received an email from a Thriving Dentist Show listener asking about the benefits of Pension Plans for Dentists. Gary thought this would be of interest to all Thriving Dentist Show listeners so he interviewed his friend Reese Harper on ‘everything you need to know about pension plans’.

Running Time: 73:03 minutes

In this Show Gary and Reese discuss; The various types of pension plans available to Dentists, how to determine which type of plan is best for you, tax considerations and how to use a pension plan for tax advantages, appropriate investments within your pension plan, the three-factor model of investing developed by Eugene Fama and Kenneth French, reporting and administrative responsibilities when you have a pension plan and how a pension plan can be an important part of your path to financial independence. This interview provides great information that any Dentist considering a pension plan needs to know.

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