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Episode 356

Five Things I Would Do Differently If I started All Over on Monday Morning

by Gary Takacs | November 14, 2018

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Experience is such a wonderful teacher! In fact, experience might be the best teacher. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Steve Rasner to share his thoughts on the 5 specific things he would do differently if he was to start all over again on Monday morning.

Running time: 65:48

In this Show, Gary and Steve discuss;

  • How to thrive in a challenging economic environment,
  • why perseverance is a requirement for any Dentist desiring to achieve their full potential,
  • how being ranked 157th in your dental school class could actually be an advantage,
  • the five specific things Steve would do differently if he started all over on Monday morning,
  • how to regain your professional dreams when they may have been derailed,
  • how to embrace the concept of comprehensive care as a foundation in your practice
  • and throughout the interview Steve shares an abundance of practical tips that you can use tomorrow morning in your practice!

No theory here, just practical tips learned from experience.

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