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Episode 384

From Army Dentist to Owning Three Practices with Dr. Richard Low

by Gary Takacs | June 5, 2019

This is a great interview that you will totally enjoy! As you know, Gary is passionate about entrepreneurship in dentistry and helping Dentists become an owner of their own dental practice.

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his former Dental Student and Friend, Dr. Richard Low as a Guest on the Show to share his journey from Army Dentist to owning three dental practices.

In this interview, Gary and Richard discuss;

  • Richard’s Shared Practices podcast,
  • red flags to determine in you are better off NOT owning a dental practice,
  • Richard’s experience as an Army Dentist,
  • The post-graduate CE path that Richard has followed,
  • the value of the Army Scholarship,
  • his decision to become an Army Healthcare Recruiter,
  • how Richard found his three practices to purchase,
  • specific criteria that Richard used to find the right practices to purchase,
  • how Richard became financially qualified to purchase these practices,
  • his 11th hour decision to create a partnership to buy these practices
  • and many other details in his journey to becoming the owner of multiple dental practices.

You will enjoy Richard’s courage to become a multiple practice owner and you will also appreciate his transparency in sharing the details of his journey!

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