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Episode 221

How One Dentist Gained 50,000 Fans on her Practice Facebook Page with Dr. Anissa Holmes

by Gary Takacs | April 13, 2016

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Social media has become an effective way to attract quality new patients to your practice. The key to successful social media marketing is a combination of excellent content and a proven strategy.

Running Time: 59:53 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Anissa Holmes. Anissa is a practicing Dentist in Jamaica, speaker and social media authority. She has attracted over 50,000 fans to her office Facebook page and consistently attracts a significant number of new patients each month from her social media marketing activities. In this interview Gary and Anissa discuss; Why social media is the new media, why dentists need to include social media in their marketing activities, the specific strategies dentists need to use to successfully attract new patients via social media and the new FaceBook rollouts and features that will impact the dental profession. Anissa is THE recognized expert in social media marketing and you will LOVE her passion for social media and helping fellow dentists master social media marketing!

Anissa’s website: www.deliveringwow.com

Anissa’s email address: connect@deliveringwow.com

Podcast Assistance by Jodey Smith, Rodecaster Expert Category: Social Media