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Episode 337

How the Metaphor of the ‘Last Pistachio’ can Radically Improve the Patient Experience in Your Dental Practice’ with Fred Joyal

by Gary Takacs | July 4, 2018

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This is a fun and insightful interview with Gary’s long time friend, Fred Joyal.

Running time: 57:02

In this interview Gary and Fred discuss; What Fred has learned from spending over $500 Million in advertising to encourage patients to go to the Dentist, Some great tips from Fred’s two books; Everything is Marketing and Becoming Remarkable, the concept of book club and how this is a great team building exercise, why expressing appreciation to your team members is so very powerful, how everything you do either increases or decreases case acceptance, the story of Fred participating in Richard Branson’s upcoming ‘Strive Challenge’ and throughout the interview Fred shares the amazing metaphor of ‘The Last Pistachio’ and how this concept can radically improve the patient experience in your practice! You will totally LOVE this conversation between Fred and Gary!

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