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Episode 425

How to Attract & Keep The Best Possible Team Members

by Gary Takacs | March 11, 2020

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In today’s episode, Gary and Naren discuss the top 5 tips on how to attract and keep the best possible team members. Oftentimes, as dentists, we hire team members who we think will be a good fit for our team, unfortunately, that’s not always the case! Listen to Gary speak about these tips and more to help improve your hiring process and finding team members for the long term!

  • 00:40 > Introduction to today’s episode
  • 01:13 > One Day Thriving Dentist MBA
  • 02:33 > Coaching in Action Segment
  • 04:34 > You have to develop strategies to attract and keep team members
  • 05:56 > If the practice is performing well, it often has a history of long term team members
  • 08:45 > 5 Specific Strategies to attract and keep the best possible team members
  • 08:51 > Create an environment where working in your practice is the best game in Town
  • 15:00 > Involve some of your team members in the hiring process
  • 17:40 > Assign someone to a new team member to smoothly integrate that person into the practice
  • 18:22 > Use some sort of personality profile in your hiring process
  • 23:16 > Look in the mirror and objectively ask ‘Am I the most effective leader that I can possibly be?’
  • 25:13 > Praise Praise Praise. Praise your team members
  • 30:32 > Thriving Dentist Q&A Segment
  • 31:15 > How can I get better at hiring?
  • 37:27 > What are some non-monetary things I can do to recognize my team Members?
  • 44:34 > I bought a practice and inherited team members in the sale, but they are not a good fit. What do I do?
  • 46:42 > What are some team building activities I can do with my team?
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