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Episode 408

How to Develop a Hygiene Driven Practice

by Gary Takacs | November 13, 2019

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In today’s episode, Gary and his co-host, Naren Arulrajah, talk about developing a hygiene driven practice, it’s importance and how to measure performance and achieve it. In the 2nd part of the show, Gary introduces “Thriving Dentist in Real Life”.

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00:35 > Introduction to this week’s episode
02:10 > I love dentistry facebook group
03:03 > Something extra- Ebook: 5 Proven Strategies to Eliminate Hygiene
Cancellations and No-Shows
04:00 > Coaching in action
04:38 > Why have a hygiene driven practice
06:31 > What a hygiene driven practice is NOT
07:24 > What IS a hygiene driven practice?
08:40 > How to measure a HDP- 5 metrics
11:16 > Breakdown of the 5 metrics
28:13 > The Charlie’s in your practice
31:30 > Real life segment
33:04 > Thriving Dentist in real life
35:33 > Before you begin with Tactics you need the right mindset
37:29 > Confirming appointments through email and text
38:19 > Don’t ask questions that you can’t accept the answer to
41:25 > Compute your demand for hygiene
42:40 > The percentage you should have in re-care
48:20 > The VIP list
49:54 > Tips to improve your hygiene re-care
51:19 > High value services

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