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Episode 39

How to Master the Banking Needs of Your Practice with Bob Affleck

by Gary Takacs | September 12, 2012

TDS Logo 600X600Like any business, a dental practice has capital needs throughout the life of the practitioner. At the beginning of their career a dentist will likely borrow money to either purchase or start a practice. At some point the dentist may want to purchase their facility and the practice will certainly have equipment needs throughout the lifetime of the Dentist. The equipment needs can range from minor investment in upgrades to significant investment in the latest technology. In the previous Thriving Dentist Show you heard Dr. Chris Haag talk about the benefits of his CAD-CAM technology and this requires a six-figure investment. Today we are very fortunate to have Bob Affleck as our special guest on the Thriving Dentist Show. Bob is the Vice President of the Southwest Division of Wells Fargo Practice Finance and has served the dental profession for over 25 years.

Running Time 50:52

1. The banking business has changed quite a bit over the past few years. Are banks lending to dentists?

2.  For our young dentists listening to the show today what are some specific things they can do to prepare for purchasing a practice?

3.  Many of our listeners may be mid-career and looking to invest in equipment upgrades or significant equipment purchases such as a Cerec machine. Tell us about the lending products that meet these needs.

4.   Many Dentists today are equity rich, but cash poor. Tell us about some newer lending products that can help a Dentist use the equity they have in their practice.

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