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Episode 40

How to Use Whitening to Grow Your Practice with Gary Takacs

by Gary Takacs | September 19, 2012

TDS Logo 600X600If you are a regular listener of Thriving Dentist Show you may have listened to Show #31 with Dr. Dan Fischer as our guest who discussed the science of whitening. On this episode Gary shared some very specific techniques that will help you do more whitening in your practice. This is important because whitening helps patients take a greater interest in their teeth and often leads to more interest in restorative dentistry. That’s why Gary likes to make whitening a core element of your practice. By doing so you will be giving patients what they want and in turn, develop better patients in your practice. This show is designed to be very practical with information that you can immediately use in your office. You’ll also want to share this information with your team members since whitening is a team sport.

Running Time 34:35

You talk about whitening as being a ‘Gateway Service’. What do you mean by that statement and why is whitening such a practice builder?

In your courses, you recommend 3 very specific things to do to grow the whitening component of any practice. What are those 3 techniques?

  1. Shade match
  2. Value Pricing
  3. Lifetime whitening

Share some tips you have learned to reduce sensitivity.

Any other whitening tips you would like to share with our listeners?

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