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Episode 367

If Your Marketing Strategy is ‘Spray and Pray’ Here’s a much More Effective Approach with Mark Oborn

by Gary Takacs | January 30, 2019

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Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to consistently attract quality new patients is a very important system for a Thriving Practice!

Running time: 58:13

In this interview, Gary invited his long-time friend, Mark Oborn, as a guest on the podcast to discuss the most effective marketing techniques. Gary considers Mark one of the brightest minds in dentistry on the topic of marketing!

In this Show, Gary and Mark discuss;

  • Why the old school marketing approach of ‘spray and pray’ is so ineffective,
  • the difference between a pull-style of marketing vs a push-style of marketing,
  • how to market from the perspective of the patient,
  • the importance of providing your potential patients with valuable information in your marketing communication,
  • how to increase trust with your potential patients, how to reduce their risk,
  • why email marketing is NOT dead,
  • effective marketing funnels and a host of other strategies that will improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

You will especially be drawn to Mark’s ethical approach to dental marketing!

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