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Episode 46

Increasing Practice Profitability with Dr. Charles Blair

by Gary Takacs | October 31, 2012

This past August, Gary had the distinct honor of being invited to speak at a meeting hosted by Dr. Gordon Christensen. The panel included a selection of some outstanding speakers including our guest on today’s show, Dr. Charles Blair. In his presentation, Dr. Blair provided some of his insights on what he sees as the ‘Future of Dentistry’. His insights were so thought provoking that Gary decided that Dr. Blair would be an outstanding guest on the Thriving Dentist Show. In addition to sharing his insights on the future of dentistry, Dr. Blair will also share some tips with our listeners on practice profitability, fee analysis, insurance coding strategies and overhead control. These topics can each have a dramatic impact on your income and we are thrilled to have Dr. Blair as a guide on these topics for our listeners.

Running Time 49:06

Dr. Blair has authored and co-authored several business and finance books, as well as contributed countless articles in all the major dental publications. He currently offers two publications, Coding with Confidence and the Insurance Solutions Newsletter. Gary considers both of these resources as absolutely essential for every practice and he considers Dr. Blair as THE ‘Go To’ resource on all things related to insurance coding and fee analysis. Dr. Blair takes these complicated subjects and distills the information in a manner that you can use immediately to improve your bottom line.

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