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Episode 265

Integration of Medicine and Dentistry with Bradley Bale

by Gary Takacs | February 15, 2017

This Thriving Dentist Show is a live interview that Gary did with Bradley Bale MD and Tom Larkin DDS. Both Doctors are authors of best-selling books and recognized worldwide as authorities on the oral/systemic connection.

Running Time: 52:12 minutes

This interview provides groundbreaking news in two specific areas;

1) Drs. Bale and Larkin share the newest scientific research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) proving that periodontal disease is a contributing cause of cardiovascular disease and

2) Gary and Drs. Bale and Larkin also discuss why Physicians and Dentists need to work together and how to make this happen.

Other topics in this Show include: The specific high risk oral pathogens that cause cardiovascular disease, the three-part science of how these high risk pathogens cause cardiovascular disease, how Physicians and Dentists can work together more effectively, the critical role of the entire dental team (wellness is a team sport!), the effectiveness of the Bale/Doneen Method and the analogy of the ‘cat in the gutter’.

Drs. Bale and Larkin are committed to preventing heart disease and saving lives!

Dr. Bradley Bale’s website:

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Dr. Tom Larkin’s website:

Dr. Larkin’s email address:

Link to Dr. Bale’s book; Beat the Heart Attack Gene:

Link to scientific article; High Risk Periodontal Pathogens Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Artheriosclerosis published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal:

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