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Episode 375

Keys to Financial Independence with Art Wiederman CPA

by Gary Takacs | March 27, 2019

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Arthur Wiederman CPA

The American Dental Association reports that fewer than 3% of Dentists can retire at age 65 without reducing their lifestyle. Gary is on a mission to change that statistic and help more Dentists achieve the financial independence they deserve.

To that end, he invited his friend Art Wiederman to share some very actionable tips to help you achieve financial success.

In this interview Gary and Art discuss:

  • Art’s 65 25 10 Rule,
  • how this simple Rule can produce massive results regarding your financial success,
  • the best debt retirement strategies,
  • Art answered the question; should you buy your house or your practice first?,
  • the three most appropriate pension plans for Dentists and when to use each type of plan,
  • the benefits of working with an Academy of Dental CPA Firm (ADCPA),
  • the most common financial mistakes that Dentists make and how to avoid them.

Throughout the interview Art shares his 30+ years of experience helping his clients achieve financial independence. You deserve to be able to go to work because you want to, not because you have to.

The wisdom and experience shared in this podcast episode will help you get there!

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