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Episode 394

Lessons From a Dental Company Celebrating 100 Years in Business with Ann Steinbock

by Gary Takacs | August 7, 2019

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According to US Census Data, less than one-half of one percent of businesses stay in business for 100 years! Very few Dental Companies can claim a 100 year History! Whip Mix is one of these elite Companies.

In this interview, Gary invited his friend Ann Steinbock, Whip Mix VP Marketing and Sales to share lessons on how they have successfully built a company to last. If you think Whip Mix is a gypsum model company you will be absolutely amazed at how they have evolved to be highly progressive and highly digital.

In this Show, Gary and Ann discuss;

  • How Prohibition inadvertently played a role is the starting of Whip Mix in 1919,
  • the role of articulators and occlusion in the Whip Mix product mix,
  • courses available from Whip Mix on digital dentures,
  • the coming evolution (and revolution!) in digital printing in dentistry,
  • 5 specific Leadership Lessons Ann has applied in learning how to lead a company with over 170 employees
  • (Listening, Make it their idea, Cross-Training, Transparency and Communication).

Ann is from the state of Kentucky and one of the things Kentucky is rightfully proud of is their tradition of distilling fine Bourbon Whiskey.

Ann concludes the interview with a discussion of Kentucky Bourbon and an invitation for you to visit Whip Mix and enjoy a sip of fine Kentucky Bourbon!

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Below are two pdf documents about Whip Mix and their 100 Year History:



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