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Episode 392

Life After I Sold My Practice to a DSO (and Kept Working There!) with Dr. Nezar Kassem

by Gary Takacs | July 24, 2019

Earlier this year, Gary interviewed his friend Dr. Nezar Kassem about his decision to sell his practice at mid-career to a DSO.

During that interview, Gary asked Nezar’s permission to circle back later this year for a follow up interview with Nezar to share this post sale experiences. This is that follow up interview.

In this Show, Gary and Nezar discuss;

  • Nezar’s new 10-operatory office,
  • his experience working with Apex Design Build in designing and building his new office,
  • how selling his practice to a DSO has helped Nezar achieve a better work/life balance,
  • Nezar’s experience as an employee Dentist of Elite Dental Partners,
  • future growth plans for his practice,
  • whether Nezar’s experience of selling his practice to a DSO met his expectations,
  • how HR decisions are now made in Nezar’s practice,
  • why Nezar chose Elite Dental Partners and his satisfaction with that decision.

Nezar shares very useful information here that might apply now or at some point in the future in your situation. Wonderful to hear Nezar sharing candid information with the goal of helping his colleagues!

First interview with Nezar: ‘Why I Decided (as a mid-career Dentist) to Sell my Practice to a DSO with Dr. Nezar Kassem’

Interview with Apex Design Build Executive, Bruce Johnstone; ‘Everything to Consider When Building Your Ideal Office with Bruce Johnstone’ 

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