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Episode 370

Life Saving Dental Hygiene with Tom Larkin DDS

by Gary Takacs | February 20, 2019

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Dr. Tom Larkin

It is long past due to get serious about diagnosing and treating perio disease! Today we know ever more about the link between oral and systemic health and we have new technology that can help improve specific diagnosis and new technology that will help patients understand what is going on with their health.

In this Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Tom Larkin to discuss the many advances available today in the world of oral/systemic health.

In this interview, Gary and Tom discuss;

  • Latest advances in the integration of medicine and dentistry,
  • Tom’s role as a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of perio disease,
  • background of phase contrast microscopes in dentistry,
  • the breakthrough work that Bradley Bale MD and Amy Doneen DNP are doing to educate the public,
  • Bradley Bale’s book; Beat the Heart Attack Gene and why this book is a must read for all Dentists and Team Members,
  • new ways to identify biofilm DNA and bio markers in patients,
  • the economic potential in growing your hygiene department,
  • Tom’s innovative development of a practical microscope solution,
  • the concept of facilitative learning and host of other details related to state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of perio disease.

Buckle up…..You are in for a wealth of information in this podcast interview!

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