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Episode 319

Live Dental Conferences are NOT Dead! with Steve Parker

by Gary Takacs | February 28, 2018

Dental CE is changing today! There are many new formats that Dentists can use today to consume continuing education including digital courses, webinars, journal articles and virtual events among other options. While these new formats are convent and efficient there still is a place for live Conferences.

Running time: 55:53

Gary invited his friend Steve Parker on the Thriving Dentist Show to discuss the changing world of dental CE and to share his thoughts on what makes a live Conference successful. In this interview, Gary and Steve discuss; The unique benefits of live Conferences, three elements of a successful live Conference, what attendees want when considering attending a live event, how to get the most out of attending live Conferences and when attending digital and virtual events make more sense. The interview concludes with a discussion about the upcoming Profitable Dentist Conference in Orlando, FL where Gary will be a featured speaker.

Steve’s website:

Link to register for the The Profitable Dentist Conference, April 27-28 Orlando, FL

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Link to the Thriving Dentist Show interview with Dr. Craig Spodak:
‘The Model of a Single Location Dental Practice that Produces $10M+ per year Driven by a Noble Cause’

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