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Episode 368

Loving What You Do is the Secret to Insane Success with Dr. Peyman Raissi

by Gary Takacs | February 6, 2019

Dr Peyman Raissi

There are some amazing young Dentists making a positive impact on the Dental Profession! Dr. Peyman Raissi (aka; Peyray) is one of those amazing young Dentists. Gary Invited Peyray as a Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show to share his story.

In this Show, Gary and Peyray discuss;

  • how Peyray initially started his career as an Associate Dentist with Affordable Dentures and Implants,
  • how he grew this practice significantly by marketing dental implants,
  • the fact that there are 40 million completely edentulous patients in the US,
  • why dental implants are such a great service to offer patients,
  • why Peyray made the decision to start a practice from scratch in a highly competitive area (Nashville, TN),
  • how he successfully collected $950,000 in his first year and $1.7M in his second year,
  • his expansion to a 2,800 sq. ft. office with 8 treatment rooms,
  • Peyray’s belief that taking a massive amount of CE is a key to success,
  • his zest for clinical photography,
  • the importance of Mentors and learning from your colleagues
  • and throughout the interview Peyray shares his concept of making a conscious decision to absolutely LOVE what you as the most effective way to influence others.

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