Become A Part Of My VIP Marketing Support Circle!
In the year 2018, my practice LifeSmiles has grown over 12%, with our marketing expenditure being at just 2% of overall expenses due to the amazing marketing support provided by Ekwa Marketing!
I invite you to experience for yourself the amazing growth that my own practice as well as those of my consultation clients, have experienced with Ekwa’s marketing support by scheduling your FREE Marketing Strategy Meeting with Ekwa’s VIP team.
This strategy meeting will be personalized for your practice and will compare your current marketing against that of your competitors in order to create a marketing plan that is custom-made for your practice.

Our VIP Clients Include

Why I Want To Encourage You To Join My VIP Marketing Support Circle!

  • Marketing with Ekwa is an easy done-for-you service that I have found to be THE most effective method for marketing our practice and producing amazing results!
  • I want to see you benefit and reap results from all of Ekwa’s products and services that I use at my own practice, LifeSmiles as well as recommend to all of my consultation clients.
  • As part of my VIP Marketing Support Circle, you will be personally taken care of by Ekwa’s VIP Team dedicated to overseeing the marketing of my practice as well as those of my clients who use Ekwa Marketing for their businesses.
  • As an added benefit, I have given the team at Ekwa my permission to use all of the marketing materials that we use at LifeSmiles and adapt that to your practice so that you too can experience the same growth and results as that of my practice, LifeSmiles.
“What I Absolutely Love About Ekwa Is The Fact That Everything They Do Is Built Around The Foundational Marketing Principles Taught By Dr. Robert Cialdini.”